January 1, 2013

Put Your Records On - Cover by Lissa Lohner

I heard my sister playing this earlier today, and I instantly said, "Oh my goodness, who is that?! She has an amazing voice!" Thus, I discovered Lissa Lohner. Man, this girl has loads of potential. I really hope she does more covers. Her voice is just so chill and jazzy. Just the type I listening to!  Ahh, can't wait for more Lissa!


  1. Hello! I ended up on your blog somehow. This cover is really lovely!! Love her voice! Thanks for sharing. <3

    ♡ Valerie

    1. Oh my gosh, never have I thought that you would end up on my blog!! I'm such a big fan of your artwork and you inspired me to get back to painting! Thank you so much! {I'm internally freaking out!}

      P.S. I can't wait until your next watercolor workshop! I'd really like to join. :)

  2. She has really sweet voice :))

    h and the animal hoodie you have!!? Looks so cute♥♥
    I´ll get something like that in panda version ^^ yaay!
    Hope you don´t mind♥

    L.O.V.E. Barbora


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