April 16, 2013

Summer so far...

{Camera: Minolta XG-E; Film: Kodak ColorPlus 200}
When has the Philippines turned into a human oven?! The intense heat is practically screaming summer right in my face.  Practically one of the reasons why I've been on quite the blogging hiatus. The weather just wants to make me sleep with the air conditioner on full blast. 

So what have I been doing for the summer? Well, it's been quite the same as a normal school year, since I'm still working on Algebra and stuff to catch up. On the liesure side, well, Kayla's finally reading the Harry Potter series, which I promised I'd let her read once she finished Narnia. We've been having a marathon of the films, as she is currently finishing the 5th book. {Man, she is a fast reader. She probably got it from me. Haha!}

Next week, I will be off to marine camp, so I am hoping I will flood your blogger dashboards this week with new posts. I highly apologize for being out of touch, so expect some drawing posts coming up soon! Oh yes, and as promised, here are some shots from the first roll of film we had developed! These are my top 4 shots, and I hope you do enjoy them! 

Anyway, so please do keep your heads up for more drawing posts! They'll be coming back soon!