January 30, 2011


Hello everybody! 
Yes, this is a picture of my favorite chocolate in the whole wide world: Hershey's Milk Chocolate.  I also love their dark chocolate.  In short, I love Hershey's chocolate!

I'm glad to say that I'm back experimenting with the camera! And that I'm also back doing artsy things, like making graphics on Photoshop and doodling! I haven't doodled in a while.  I'll try to post one when I make a new digital illustration.  In the meantime, here are two of the graphics I did yesterday!


I feel like I did better in the second one below.  *wink wink* I need more practice. Haha!

Yeah, I think I did much better on this one.  Haha!

I'm also trying to be more active on Polyvore.  I don't really use my account cause I lack inspiration. (AWW) That is why I am trying to bring it back to life!  So if any of you have any Polyvore accounts, click on the badge or the link in my sidebar and add me as a contact!

Oh yeah!  I watched Yogi Bear in 3D last Friday!  It was so cute and SO AWESOME in 3D!  Booboo is just adorable with his pet turtle (You'd be shocked to know that Justin Timberlake voiced him!) It's a great watch with the family!

So anyways, that's it for now! See ya later folks!

January 23, 2011

The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall

My rating:  ★★★★★

The Penderwicks, by Jeanne Birdsall, is about four sisters who spend their holidays at the Arundel estate.  Since it's summer, they can't wait to explore the whole place!  What else is exciting?  They meet Jeffrey, the son of Arundel's owner, is their perfect companion for all their summer adventures!  However,  Jeffrey's mother isn't happy with the Penderwick sisters.  She warns Jeffrey and his new friends to stay out of trouble.  Of course they'll stay out of trouble, won't they?

What I Like:
I love the way the author shows the different characteristics of the Penderwick sisters from oldest to youngest.  The close relationship the girls have with their dad and each other are clearly defined when I read the book.  I also like the way the author describes all the adventures & mischief the Penderwicks and Jeffrey get into.

What I Don't Like:   
What's not to like about this book?  The whole book is very enjoyable and there's no swear words!  (Thank goodness!) It's a great book for all ages. 

My Comments:
This book should be made into a movie!  I reckon that it'll be a great family movie to watch! This book is just awesome.

Junior MasterChef

Image from Google

This show is like the best cooking competition show I have ever watched.

If you don't know this show, it's the kiddie version of MasterChef. (This is the Australian version.) Kids of different ages are the ones competing and cooking different things in this show. I am so inspired.  I don't even cook that much!  My sister cooks more than I do. (I'm more of an "eater" you see.  Haha!)

So, the kids were making different things like chocolate fondant (I will try to make this.) and lamb cutlets.  A girl even cooked rabbit.  I was felt sorry for that poor rabbit and my sister started smirking at me.  Sorry, I didn't know people eat rabbit.  Haha!

Right now, I really want to bake something chocolate.  I've never baked before. (WHAT?!) I've only cooked.  Haha.  And by cook I mean pasta, salpicao, fish fillet and all that.  I will try baking this time.

I shall try to bake tomorrow! 

January 20, 2011

Book Mode!

Hey everyone! How are you guys? 

I haven't been experimenting with the camera lately, because I have so much to do for school! With Hybrid classes back on track, I'm going to have to schedule all my assignments and all that.  Oh the tiredness.  I don't even have that much time to read! 

I was reading Pride and Prejudice a few days ago.  I decided to stop reading it because romance stories aren't really for me.  Haha.  I finished Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.  As you can see in the picture, I am currently reading The School Story by Andrew Clements.  So far, I find it a cute story and it is inspiring me to write a book / story one day. 

Well I better go now!  Here's to the next blog post!

January 16, 2011

Nothing Crushes Us!

Image from Google
I was watching Bridge to Terabithia yesterday...and gosh.  I cried.

It was so sad!  I mean, I've watched it before, but I guess the meaning never hit me.  But when I watched it yesterday, I was getting so teary eyed that my sister started giving me weird looks!  It hit me real hard! 

But seriously.  I felt really bad for Jess.  I mean, he was just a loner at school and he has to deal with his strict dad and his family's struggling financial problems.  Then here comes Leslie, who's the new girl at school, and the total opposite of Jess.  It's amazing the two became the best of friends. (Oh gosh, I'm getting teary eyed as I write this.)

I really wish I could be like Leslie.  She has such a positive outlook on life and she never stops using her imagination!  I feel like I'm a Jess in some way.  Haha! (Plus I love the way Leslie dresses.)

Anyways, I plan on buying the book the next time I go to Powerbooks or Fully Booked.  Another book to read!  I am going to try to read 150 books this 2011.  (Mental Note:  Arielle, you started this challenge.  Now you must finish it!  Haha!)

January 12, 2011

Curiouser and Curiouser!

This is what I am currently reading on the iPad. Alice's Adventures In Wonderland!

Heehee! I plan on reading Pride and Prejudice after this.  (If you're asking, this isn't iBooks.  We haven't figured out how to get books for iBooks.  So I'm currently using Kobo.)

So, how's everybody these past few days?  I've been in my artsy mode, so I am going to make myself some stickers later on.  I've also been experimenting with our D90 and looking at all these wonderful photo blogs!  My favorite one so far is Erin Vey's blog.  She's a dog photographer.   She's really good and has this adorable Great Dane named Gracie! 

I watched Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant last night on HBO.  It was okay...at least better than Twilight. I'm not that into vampires, though.  Wizards all the way!

Oh yeah, it's Hybrid classes again tomorrow.  Can't wait to see my best friend, Kate again!  We haven't seen each other since December 8.  (a.k.a Last year. Haha!) I am ready to act random and be weird with her!  I'm going to show her my copies of Quidditch Through the Ages & Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them! 

I added my Goodreads account link to my Links section.   Goodreads is a website where you can read book reviews, make your own reviews, and mark the books you want to read in the future!  Hannah introduced me to this site.

Better start reading again!  Heehee!  Later, everybody!

January 8, 2011

My Day In Bullets

  • I found the very first chapter book I read in one of our book shelves.
  • I practiced photography today.
  • I'm currently downloading updates for my laptop. :) Apple finally made apps for Mac! Hooray! Must get drawing apps!
  • I ate a peanut butter sandwich and Ovalteenies for breakfast.
  • Do they still sell Ovaltine in groceries? :o =))
  • Mom made me a ham sandwich for snack. \:D/
  • I decided to save up for a Wacom, an iTouch, and a new pair of headphones.
  • But where will I get the money? :|
  • I started the last book of Narnia! XD (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle)
  • I watched "The Adventures of Food Boy" on Disney Channel.
  • Now I'm acting all superhero-ish. AIN'T I AWESOME?
  • I'm trying to find nice photo blogs. :)
  • I will try to start every blog post with a picture. ;)
  • I forgot to mention that my spoon of Nutella fell on my Civics book today. :|
  • I will end this post now. :p

January 7, 2011

I Am Twelve, But I Act Like A 7-Year-Old

   The title says it all! I am a 7-year-old in the body of a 12-year old. Heehee! Proof?
  • So last Wednesday, I was doing impressions of Mushu (from Mulan) and Sebastian (from The Little Mermaid). Mushu: Who am I? WHO AM I?! I am the POWERFUL, the PLEASURABLE, the INDESTRUCTABLE Mushu!
  • I dowloaded I'll Make A Man Out of You (from Mulan) yesterday.  I'm even listening to it right now! :))
  • I sometimes feel like I'm a ninja or a superhero. (BOOYAH!)
  • I squeal over little things. /:)
  • I still do Disney impressions. =))) Aside from Mushu and Sebastian. I was also singing the intro of The Lion King in the bathroom.


January 4, 2011


   I can't believe it's 2011 already.  Time flies so fast!
   So how did everybody celebrate New Year? :)  My family and I celebrated New Year at Alabang. ;) We also attended a New Year's Countdown party at Bellevue hotel's Vue Bar.  It was my very first time, celebrating New Year away from home. Haha.
   Anyways, today is January 4 and I made my own pasta recipe! :) All you need is spaghetti pasta, olive oil, sliced tomatoes, sliced Anchovies, minced garlic, and dried basil. :) I'll post the recipe later. ;)
   So, I am currently making Harry Potter themed bookmarks for my little sister. :D I am very much enjoying it. Heehee! :">

   Samples of my work. Heehee! ;) I also made a Bellatrix Lestrange graphic. :D

   Bellatrix may be crazy, but she's awesome. :-bd I keep doodling her in my notebooks. Haha!
   Well, I better get back to making bookmarks! :) I have a lot more to do!