May 12, 2013

Dear Mama

Happy Mother's day to the most amazing woman I know: my mom!

I know this is going to be really cliché, but I have the best mom ever. She was the one who taught me what I need to know. She was the one who accompanied me to my rehearsals every single day during A Christmas Carol. She's been my school teacher for the past 6 years. She has been my number one fan, and I can say that I am hers. 

So Mama, if you're reading this, thank you for everything you've done for me and Kayla! Thank you for all your countless efforts to give us the best in life. Thank you for all you've done for the family. I may not be the best daughter in the world, but I sure got the best mom in the universe!

I love you, Mama! Happy Mother's Day! {Happy Mother's Day as well to all the moms out there!}

May 11, 2013

To Cobo

Dear Cobo, 

I, Arielle Guevara, would like to present you with full membership to the Oldies Club...

Nah, just kidding! Happy happy birthday, Cobs! Welcome to chapter 14 of your life. Congratulations on that. *applause*

First off, thank you for being the most amazing buddy ever! I couldn't have asked for a better guy bestie to share my weird, sabaw moments with. Thank you for being very supportive of me, and you know I'll do the same for you. Thank you for making me laugh when I'm feeling down. I consider you as one of the siblings I've never had, and I'm really glad I met you back in Camp Shake, Rattle, and Roll.

Here's to more birthdays for you! God bless, Cobo! You're the best! 

♡ Merms

May 6, 2013

#Fishbump: Days 1 and 2

I'm back! Yes I am! Let us all rejoice for I have missed Spaceship to Infinity as much as you guys did!

Like I said in my previous post, I really miss blogging, and I disappoint myself every time laziness hits me. But anyway, here I am typing away as I write about the ultimate highlight of my summer: Marine Camp at Danjugan Island, Negros Occidental!

Originally, I was planning to go to CISV Mini Camp as usual. But after hearing about this, I was torn between the two. I then decided to go to Danjugan considering that it would be a new experience and I'd learn something different. (Plus, you'll be on an island for 5 days. How could you say no to that?!)

So on April 22-26, I was whisked off to an island with my sister, and my good friends Nicole and Enzo. But hold on, let's take each day into some detail. For now, I'll be telling you about our arrival at Bacolod and our first day at Marine Camp! (I'll be dividing these into different posts since there was so much to tell, especially about Marine Camp!)


It was an early start for us as my family met up with my friends, Nicole and Enzo at the airport. (We like saying that we have temporarily adopted them into the Guevara family.) You can imagine the giddyness and the complete excitement at the airport. We felt like a CISV delegation off to a new place! This was the first time going to Bacolod for each of us and we really couldn't wait!

Arriving there, we were picked up by my Ninong Rey (ninong is the term we use to call our godfathers here in the Philippines) and Kuya Carlo. Our families have been friends for as long as I can remember! Hooray for family friends! Anyway, we got our taste of real Bacolod chicken inasal and other grilled chicken dishes that really satisfied our hunger.

We settled in at the Sian's house, played Halli Galli for a little while, and then heard mass together. After, we had dinner at a restaurant called Bob's. I had a bowl of Mongolian food all to myself. Spell happy? A R I E L L E. We then went home to get a good night's rest, for we were going to need all our energy for the first day of camp the next day!