August 22, 2012

Prince of Asgard

The Avengers gag reel came out today.
I felt inspired, so I drew one of my favorite characters, Loki.
Hello, Loki.

August 20, 2012

Unnamed Original Characters

Characters I made up the other day. I guess they're twins from the 60s. The girl is a nerd and the boy is the jock. {you can obviously tell with the varsity jacket} They get along pretty well. Still don't have any ideas for names. Suggestions?


August 16, 2012

Lazy Dog Days

Say hello to my lazy Miniature Dachshund, Hershey. The only time she's ever hyper is when she hears a cat from the roof. She is quite an unusual dog indeed.

Those Summer Days

Posting old photos from Instagram because I miss the beach and I miss Cebu.

August 15, 2012

Facing My Giant

Reposting this from my homeschool blog because I think it's a significant story I should share with you all. {Warning: expect a long wordy post. Please don't get bored! This means a lot to me!}


Last July, TMAs peer group activity for the month was a showing of the movie Facing the GiantsFacing the Giants is the story of Shiloh football coach, Grant Taylor, who is currently struggling with his football team and his personal life As the story progresses, Grant learns how to accept these struggles and put his complete faith in God. He shares this new philosophy with his football team, and they slowly make it to the Nationals against the much favored team, the Giants.

One of Grant's players is David Childers, who plays as their substitute kicker. At first, David is hesitant to join the football team because he considered himself more of a soccer player rather than a football player. After his father encouraged him to try out, he actually makes the team. However, he is still scared that he won't be able to make the team score during matches because he thinks he can't kick every far. His father, who is unable to walk, tells him not to mope around waiting for something to happen. He tells David that he should always put his complete faith in God whenever we are afraid, and something great will happen.

I couldn't help but feel incredibly inspired after watching the movie. It was a reminder that God has something great in store for me and that everything happening in my life right now, including all the struggles, is a part of his amazing plan. It also reminded me that if I put my complete trust in God, great things will happen.

Recently, I faced one of the biggest giants I have ever faced so far: an audition. I'm not talking about the kind of audition I experienced back in 2008 for Repertory Philippines' A Christmas Carol. I'm talking about a real audition, one that most theatre artists go through now, with all the readings and dance auditions. Last July 28 and 29, I experienced all of that.

When creativity strikes!

Creative Life Advice

Here is a page from my journal where I made a list of things I should do whenever I'm experiencing an art block or simply bursting with creative energy.

{ l i s t e n  t o  n a t u r e }
It has been raining nonstop here in the Philippines. I love the sound of rain falling onto the ground. It's so relaxing.

{ p a i n t  e v e r y  o n c e  i n  a  w h i l e }
I just got back to painting with watercolor. It definitely gets my mind off things

{ p l a y  a n  i n s t r u m e n t }
I've been playing my ukulele quite a lot these past few days. Its cheerful sound just takes away all the gloominess in the air.

{ r e a d  a  f a i r y  t a l e }
As Einstein has said, "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales."

{ m a k e  s t i c k e r s }
This is one of my absolute favorite things to do. Hand-drawn or digital, making stickers is one of my simple pleasures.

{ d r i n k  t e a / l e m o n  w a t e r }
Tea is extremely soothing during cold rainy days. But when the sun is out? I recommend adding lemon slices to your glass of water. It's very refreshing!

{ d r a w  E V E R Y W H E R E }
I think I struggle the most with this particular piece of advice. I guess I have to work on this MORE OFTEN.

{ t r y  n e w  t h i n g s }
I try to keep an open mind at all costs. I'm ready to learn whenever and wherever.

{ t e a c h  o t h e r s }
Knowledge deserves to be shared!

{s p r e a d  L O V E  n o t  H A T E }
I was browsing one of my mom's books and I found these wonderful words of wisdom, "Life is too short to waste time hating anyone."

August 12, 2012

Arielle is a demigod

Presenting the finished results of the Camp Half Blood shirt I first blogged about here! I'm very very VERY pleased with the results! I'm definitely feeling the demigod vibes! What do you guys think? :)

August 8, 2012

Finally saw Brave!

{image via Google Images}
Last Friday, I finally saw the Pixar movie I have long awaited, Brave! I was extremely giddy in my seat as the trailers for the future films started rolling. {Oh the excitement, Arielle. Oh the excitement!}

Before they actually showed the movie, they played a short film called La Luna. It was absolutely adorable and the concept was genius! 

{via Google images}
La Luna is about a young boy named Bambino, who goes on a sailing trip with his father and grandfather. The way I interpreted it, the three are responsible for the phases of the moon each night. I absolutely loved it! I hope to see more of Bambino and his adventures one day.

But anyway, back to the real topic! Brave was amazing! Pixar did very well for their first fairy tale. The plot may have been simple, but the animation was fantastic! The animators did INCREDIBLY well with the scenery and the natural elements of the movie. {The scenes with water were marvelous!} I could related SO much with Merida, but I think Queen Elinor's character was the most interesting. It would have been nicer if we learned more about the queen. The scenes where she tries to understand Merida's point of view while she was a bear were simply touching! I also adored Merida's three younger brothers, who looked insanely adorable as bear cubs. {Sadly, the only name I remember out of the three brothers is Hamish. Haha!}

Aside from all the wonderful animation and artsy-ness in this movie, what inspired me the most is its different definition of the term brave. Being brave isn't just facing your fear or fighting for something you love physically. Being brave also means being able to say you're sorry and admitting what you've done wrong to the people involved in the process. 

This movie is truly a work of inspiration and you all should watch it while it's still in cinemas! 

I'm planning to watch it a second time with some of my friends from Camp Dream and I simply can't wait! Oh the happiness animated movies bring me! 

August 2, 2012

Current Project

I aplogize for the low quality photo. I used my webcam for this. But anyway, here's the current project  I'm working on! A Camp Half-Blood shirt! I've been meaning to make this for quite a while now, and I'm really excited to wear it when it's done! I'll upload a better quality photo of the finished product soon! :-)

August 1, 2012

Inspiration in my Headphones

August has finally arrived! What would be a better way to start it than listening to new music? FINALLY, iTunes has released the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack by John Powell. I was totally freaking out when my dad allowed me to get it! It's one of my favorite movie soundtracks ever and I could listen to it all day! My favorite tracks are probably Romantic Flight, Test Drive, and Forbidden Friendship. I definitely recommend this to all of you!