July 26, 2012

The result of watching five X-Men movies in a day

{Another OC I created after watching all five X-Men movies last Sunday}

Meet Scott, a mutant with the ability to change his appearance at will. His natural hair color is brown, but he seems to like keeping it blue. He currently goes to Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.

In the first drawing on the top left, he kind of reminds me of Bobby, aka Iceman. I'm totally loving his blue hair, which makes me think of those trolls with the crazy hair colors. This is drawn traditionally and colored in Photoshop.

July 20, 2012

The Book Hunter

Found this on Tumblr and thought it was awfully adorable. I absolutely had to share it with all of you! 

Greek goddesses

Guess who finally escaped her two-month long art block! I am so relieved! I missed drawing so much. Anyway, here are drawings of my favorite Greek goddesses in teen version. {Credits to the Greeks?}

July 19, 2012

Happiness is....

 { watching a good animated movie }
I've been watching The Little Mermaid, Howl's Moving Castle, and Spirited Away recently. Nothing better than a few moments to escape to that fantasy world we've always wanted to visit as a child.

{ discovering a new tv show }
My dad, sister, and I just got into Missing, starring Ashley Judd. It's about an ex-CIA agent whose son goes missing, and her quest to find him. It's really action packed and very exciting!

{ getting two new books }
My mum just recently got Divergent and Insurgent, both by Veronica Roth. I've been hearing good reviews about the books and I absolutely can't wait to start reading them!

{ finding new art blogs to explore }
One of my favorite things to do when I'm online is to look at tons of art blogs. I just love getting waves on inspiration by looking at other artists' work.

{ goofing off with your parents }
Last night, the radio announced that they were holding a singing contest and that they were giving away 3,000 pesos. Goofing off, my parents and I decided it would be fun if I joined. I sang, I got on the list. I didn't get the 3,000 though, but it was so much fun. I wish all times with parents would be like this.

{ learning how to draw something new }
I once thought I could not draw animals. But after an art session for my homeschooling, I figured, it wouldn't hurt to try. After quite a while, I produced three artworks of a wolf, a tiger, and an elephant. I am quite proud of them, if I do say so myself. I plan on scanning them and posting them here soon.

{ knowing God has a plan for you }
Nothing is more reassuring than knowing that God has something great in store for you. You may not know when it's coming, but just trust in the Lord and He will lead you to the right direction.

July 15, 2012

Song of the Day: Good Time by Owl City feat. Carly Rae Jepsen

I can't even describe how well Adam and Carly's voices sound together! They should definitely do more songs in the future. This is a good to play during road trips or when you're hanging out with friends. It's definitely one of my favorite songs right now! :)

July 12, 2012

July Obsessions

Time does fly indeed! Would you believe half of the year has already passed?! I have to admit though, July has definitely got to be one of my favorite months of the year. I've always loved the cool mornings and the rainy afternoons it brings, well, here in the Philippines, that is. But what else has tickled my fancy for this month of July? 

Martin Freeman as Dr John Watson & Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes
{image via WeHeartIt}
  • I recently just got into watching BBC's Sherlock, which is a modern take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic stories on the one and only consulting detective. I've read a lot of positive feedback about the series on Tumblr, so I decided to go and give it a try. I regret nothing! It is definitely my new favorite TV show! I love how they brought the 19th century characters into the 21st century and made it different. Definitely can't wait for Season 3 next year!

July 1, 2012

The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

[image via Google images]
My rating: 

Summary: Carter and Sadie Kane are siblings who grew up more like strangers ever since their mother's death. While Sadie has been living in London with her grandparents, Carter has been travelling the world with their father, Dr. Julius Kane, the brilliant Egyptologist. One night, when they are reunited, their father brings them to the British Museum, where he accidentally unleashes the Egyptian god Set, the god of deserts and chaos, who banishes Julius to oblivion and forces the siblings to flee for their lives. Soon, Carter and Sadie discover that the gods of Ancient Egypt are waking and that the worst of them - Set - is after the Kanes. To stop him, they embark on a dangerous journey around the world, on a quest that brings them closer to the truth about their family and their destiny.

What I Like: Rick Riordan really knows how to keep people reading! I enjoyed the book so much, I couldn't put it down. I love how Rick Riordan merges the modern world with mythology and make it into something interesting for the youth of today! 

What I Didn't Like: I know that this book is about gods, but we should always remember that there is one TRUE God that oversees everything in this world.

My Comments: I couldn't help but start making my own movie cast for this. (If they do make a movie of this, I hope they follow the books.) Also, I finished the second book, The Throne of Fire, in a day and I'm currently reading the final one, The Serpent's Shadow.

Synergy Online

Hi, everyone! I know I haven't been posting for quite a while now, but I'm back! Would you believe it's already the middle of the year? Time flies by so fast.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know that I've been featured in Synergy. Synergy is a blog run by my friends, Nina and Bea, which brings "different perspectives on music, literature, fashion, and the way of life" to the youth of today. When they asked if they could feature me for my artworks, I couldn't be more excited! You could take a look at the feature here. A big thank you again to Nina and Bea for the feature! 

That is all for now, since it is getting pretty late and I have to go in a bit! Don't fret, I will be making more posts soon! Later, alligator!