Frequently Asked Questions

So it seems you have found yourself on my frequently asked questions page, or FAQ as most people call it.


"How did you get the name Arielle?"
My real name is Angela Gabrielle, so if you still don't understand how I got my nickname, well then too bad.

"How old are you?"
As I type this, I have been breathing for 15 years now.

"When is your birthday?"
October 23, 1998

"Where are you from?"
I am from the sunny sunny Philippines.

"Where do you study? What grade/year are you in?"
I've been homeschooled for 8 years now! Since the 3rd grade! I'll be an incoming senior in highschool this school year. 


"How long have you been drawing?"
.....for as long as I can remember? Every person knows how to draw! It's just that some people take it more seriously than others.

"Traditional or digital?"
I have grown to love both mediums. Traditional art gives me such a nostalgic feel, whilst digital art gives me the diversity traditional art can't provide.

"What pencils/pens do you use?"
I use trusty mechanical pencils for everyday sketching. I also love using classic 2B-6B pencils. As for pens, I usually just grab whatever black gel pen I can find. I love black ultra-fine tip Sharpies! Those are my absolute favorites!

"What software do you use for your digital art?"
When I'm working on my laptop, I use Photoshop CS6, along with a Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch tablet. When I'm working on my iPad, I mainly use the apps Sketchbook Pro and Adobe Ideas. As for my styluses, I use a Jot Touch Pro 4 and a Wacom stylus.

"Can you draw me / this / *insert other request here* ?"
I have come to that point where I am no longer taking requests unless I get paid for it. Please note that I am still in highschool and school is my top priority as of the moment.


"How long have you been blogging?"
I've been ~*seriously*~ blogging for almost 3 years, now.

"Why the name Spaceship to Infinity?"
Honestly, it was just an idea that popped into my head. Now that I think about it, I've always been fascinated by outer space and its wonders, so I guess, yeah. That's where it came from!

"Did you make your blog layout?"
With great difficulty, yes.

"Cool! Can you design mine?"
Oh goodness, HTML/CSS is not one of my biggest strengths and it took me DAYS until I could get my layout to look exactly how I wanted it to be. So in short, sorry, I don't do blog layouts.

"Can we ad swap?"
I do ad swaps occasionally! Shoot me an email if you'd want to ad swap!

"Can I interview you for a blog post?"
But of course! Just contact me!

"What/who is your favorite blog/blogger?"
Ate Arriane Serafico of is definitely my biggest inspiration when it comes to blogging. She inspires me so much to write from the heart and go after what I'm really passionate in life. I look up to her so much!

Questions that always appear yet I have no idea where to categorize them oh

"What is your favorite Disney film?"
My favorite of the really OLD Disney films is The Jungle Book (1967). My favorite Disney Renaissance film is definitely The Little Mermaid (1989), and my favorite of the newer ones? Well, its a toss between Tangled and Frozen. (Don't make me choose anymore, pls. This is too much for one heart.)

"What is your favorite Broadway musical?"
Childhood favorite is definitely Annie, but then Newsies is my Broadway obsession as of the moment!

"Who is your favorite Doctor?"
Eleventh Doctor, hands down.

"Who is your favorite companion?"
I like Clara Oswald, thank you very much.

"What is your Hogwarts house?"

"Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter?"
Psh, Camp Half-Blood all the way!


If there are some unanswered questions that you still want to ask me, you can go ahead and email me at!