June 30, 2013

Monsters University

Yesterday, my good buddy, Nina and I had an impromptu movie date and watched Monsters University! You have no idea how excited I was for this movie. Monsters Inc. played a big part of my childhood. If you haven't seen MU yet, go watch it now! The movie was very entertaining. It was very colorful and full of jokes! It's a great watch with the family! Go watch now!

Now, about this little doodle of Mike Wazowski. My dad recently got me an iPad so I can create digital artworks on the go! I have been experimenting with it but this is the first 'real' doodle I've done. Still getting used to it, but I can't wait to create more artworks with it! 

June 25, 2013

Peter & Gwen sketches

{I just have the most entertaining post titles, gosh. I deserve an award. *slow clap for me*}

Moving on, yesterday I watched The Amazing Spider-man last night out of boredom. Can I just say, I really really really love Andrew Garfield's portrayal of Peter Parker. He absolutely nailed the awkward teen part. Don't even get me started on when he goes into Spidey mode because it'll cause me to type in EXCESSIVE ALL-CAPS. I'M SERIOUS. I also loooooove Gwen! To be honest, I prefer her more than Mary Jane, but oh well. Emma Stone was fab, plus she and Andrew have this flawless chemistry. AHHHHH!

I did these sketches earlier today, and I'm really pleased with how their designs came out. {Especially Gwen's} This is the first time I've ever drawn them, and I think I'll be sketching them even more. They're such fun to draw!

P.S. I also got the movie score because I found out it was also scored by the same guy who did the music for Titanic. Hooray for movie scores!

June 12, 2013

Team Tardis

(Left to right: Eleven, Amy, Rory, River)

I know I haven't been posting any drawings here in a while, but never mind that! I really do miss blogging very dearly, and I am trying to remind myself to come up with new posts more often.

Anywho, here are some sketches that came from my personal journal. {Hence the lines} If you're an insane Whovian/Wholigan like me, you'll probably recognize them right away. Aw yeah, Team Tardis! So we've got an attempt of the Eleventh Doctor for the first sketch. I honestly laughed when I finished this. Matt Smith is pretty hard to capture. Then we have Amelia Pond or better known as Amy. I draw her quite a lot especially in her big red hoodie. Next we have Rory Williams, also known as The Last Centurion or Stupidface according to Amy. Rory's one of my favorite DW characters because man, insane character development I'm telling you! Lastly, we have the ever so fabulous River Song with her poofy hair. I find her sassy character so adorable and I think she is one of my potential candidates for a Halloween costume. {Yes, it's only June and I'm already planning my Halloween costume. I have been since the beginning of the year.... Shows how much I love costumes!}

So yeah, basically most of the things I've been drawing are all Doctor Who fan art because it was just announced that Matt Smith would be leaving the show soon. Cue the tears please! Eleven is my favorite doctor ever because he just appreciates every little thing he notices. Going to miss him so much!

So far, I only have 4 friends who actually watch the series...so if you do, LET US BE BEST FRIENDS. That is all for now. 

June 3, 2013

S2I ad swap announcementz {Yep, with a Z}

I have been getting quite a handful of emails from those of you who would want to ad swap with me, and don't get me wrong, I love it! I'm more than willing to help you guys gain more readership.

However, I think I'm going to be very picky with those I want to ad swap with right now. 

Most of you don't exactly fall into the same "blog category" as me, but if I like your blog and we somewhat have the same content, then good job! You might just land a spot over here! I think I'll most likely be doing that from now on. 

Oh, and if ever you guys change your blog urls or something, please do tell me so there isn't any wasted space on my blog. Hehe. Thanks!

Also, I'm somewhat going to be resetting the ads over here, so a new group of people can get some blog exposure. Hooray for blog friends, yay! Shoot me an email at contact.spaceshiptoinfinity@yahoo.com if you want your blog button to be on Spaceship to Infinity!