July 31, 2013

Dear Harry

Thank you for all the moments where I've laughed and cried with you, Ron, and Hermione. Thank you for teaching me that there is always hope, even during the darkest times. Thank you for teaching me that there is bravery within everyone, and that friendship is the most valuable prize. Thank you for teaching me that love conquers all. Thank you for showing me that it is our choices, far more than our abilities, that show us who we truly are. Thank you for teaching me to never give up on something I really want. Thank you for showing me that doing the right thing may not be the easiest path, but it will be the best path.

Thank you and happy birthday, Harry.
Thank you to the Boy Who Lived.

July 28, 2013


Just another something I worked on using the iPad! It's Hiccup and Toothless flying over the skies! If you follow me on Twitter, you may know that I am extremely excited for the sequel that's coming out next year! You can watch the teaser trailer over here.

For those asking about iPad art apps, I use Sketchbook Pro, Paper by 53, Brushes, and Adobe Ideas. My stylus is a Jot Touch 4 by adonit. If you guys are interested in iPad art, I recommend grabbing a copy of Dani Jones' book, iPad for Artists. She makes great iPad art and has an awesome webcomic called My Sister The Freak. You can check her website out over here.

July 4, 2013

Disney Dudez

I was contemplating whether or not to post this, but whatever! This, my friends, is high class entertainment! Lianna showed this to me last night and now I'm listening to this nonstop. Being the Disnerd (Disney + Nerd. Hehe get it?) that I am, mashing up Disney songs with boyband songs made me go crazy! The My Girl/Kiss The Girl mash up was the absolute best thing ever! And also, don't you think that Dalton (the second guy who sings) rather looks like a human incarnation of Jack Frost? Teehee!

So what do guys think of the Disney Dudez? I don't know about you, but it got me inspired to draw the Disney princes this time! Might do some illustrations of them soon!

P.S. I may have fallen in love with the Cole aka the guy who plays Eric... *faints*