January 17, 2013

On My Own

Drawn and colored with Photoshop
This Les Misérables hype has been building up inside me ever since that first teaser trailer came out. I am beyond excited to see the film! Les Mis has been one of my favorite musicals. {well I'm judging by the music and the plot. I am ashamed to say I haven't even seen it live YET *sobs*} Been listening to the OST of the movie all day. *insert all prettyful adjectives describing One Day More here oh my goodness*

Here's a drawing of my dream role from the musical, Éponine. I remember listening to Lea Salonga's rendition of On My Own when I was younger, and since then, I've wanted to play her.  Can't wait until that moment comes!


  1. I don´t understand ow you can draw something that beautiful on your cpmputer. I don´t have Pohothop so I don´t know the effects but this picture looks wonderful☻

    xx Barbora♥♥

  2. I know I LOVE Les mis and saw it last weekend *sigh* so good
    I love your drawing
    x amber

  3. Hello,

    I happened to stumble on your blog and decided to be a follower, would you please due the same for me?


  4. 1) One Day More (and all the other songs) *chills beauty gorgeousness omgaahh etc.* 2) I will see you one day as Eponine onstage. Soon. ;) 3) Why are your drawings are so fantastic? *w*


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