July 12, 2012

July Obsessions

Time does fly indeed! Would you believe half of the year has already passed?! I have to admit though, July has definitely got to be one of my favorite months of the year. I've always loved the cool mornings and the rainy afternoons it brings, well, here in the Philippines, that is. But what else has tickled my fancy for this month of July? 

Martin Freeman as Dr John Watson & Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes
{image via WeHeartIt}
  • I recently just got into watching BBC's Sherlock, which is a modern take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic stories on the one and only consulting detective. I've read a lot of positive feedback about the series on Tumblr, so I decided to go and give it a try. I regret nothing! It is definitely my new favorite TV show! I love how they brought the 19th century characters into the 21st century and made it different. Definitely can't wait for Season 3 next year!

  • I truly find inspiration in my headphones. Nowadays, I frequently find myself stuck in the "Narnia" side of Youtube, looking for new songs to add to my iTunes library. Right now, I am very into Birdy, The Narrative, and Two Door Cinema Club. One of my new interests is making playlists for whatever mood I am in. (My Rainy Day playlist has been on constant repeat for the past week!)
{image via WeHeartIt}
  • THREE. MORE. WEEKS. UNTIL. BRAVE. Apologies for the excessive use of uppercase letters, BUT I CANNOT WAIT TOO SEE IT! I listen to Learn Me Right by Birdy with Mumford & Sons nonstop. I love playing the movie's version of Temple Run and I frequently look at my Art of Brave book for inspiration whenever I want to draw. I simply cannot wait to see more of the frizzy redhead princess.

{image via Tumblr}
  • I am absolutely hooked on this trilogy! I've just finished Serpent's Shadow! (Yeah, it took a while because school ate my spare time) The books are absolutely spectacular! I think Rick Riordan should make a crossover of Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles.

  • You can never go wrong with having these boys on your blog once in a while. Heehee! Don't you love my laptop's wallpaper? Flawless people are flawless. Still awaiting the day when they come over and perform here in the Philippines! I also discovered a remix of WMYB on Tumblr. I can't even comprehend how amazing it is! You can download it here!

  • Instagram has definitely saved me the trouble of bringing around the bulky DSLR everywhere I go. If any of you have accounts, be sure to follow me! @gabslyth
How about you? What are your July Obsessions

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