January 8, 2011

My Day In Bullets

  • I found the very first chapter book I read in one of our book shelves.
  • I practiced photography today.
  • I'm currently downloading updates for my laptop. :) Apple finally made apps for Mac! Hooray! Must get drawing apps!
  • I ate a peanut butter sandwich and Ovalteenies for breakfast.
  • Do they still sell Ovaltine in groceries? :o =))
  • Mom made me a ham sandwich for snack. \:D/
  • I decided to save up for a Wacom, an iTouch, and a new pair of headphones.
  • But where will I get the money? :|
  • I started the last book of Narnia! XD (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle)
  • I watched "The Adventures of Food Boy" on Disney Channel.
  • Now I'm acting all superhero-ish. AIN'T I AWESOME?
  • I'm trying to find nice photo blogs. :)
  • I will try to start every blog post with a picture. ;)
  • I forgot to mention that my spoon of Nutella fell on my Civics book today. :|
  • I will end this post now. :p

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