January 30, 2011


Hello everybody! 
Yes, this is a picture of my favorite chocolate in the whole wide world: Hershey's Milk Chocolate.  I also love their dark chocolate.  In short, I love Hershey's chocolate!

I'm glad to say that I'm back experimenting with the camera! And that I'm also back doing artsy things, like making graphics on Photoshop and doodling! I haven't doodled in a while.  I'll try to post one when I make a new digital illustration.  In the meantime, here are two of the graphics I did yesterday!


I feel like I did better in the second one below.  *wink wink* I need more practice. Haha!

Yeah, I think I did much better on this one.  Haha!

I'm also trying to be more active on Polyvore.  I don't really use my account cause I lack inspiration. (AWW) That is why I am trying to bring it back to life!  So if any of you have any Polyvore accounts, click on the badge or the link in my sidebar and add me as a contact!

Oh yeah!  I watched Yogi Bear in 3D last Friday!  It was so cute and SO AWESOME in 3D!  Booboo is just adorable with his pet turtle (You'd be shocked to know that Justin Timberlake voiced him!) It's a great watch with the family!

So anyways, that's it for now! See ya later folks!

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