January 23, 2011

Junior MasterChef

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This show is like the best cooking competition show I have ever watched.

If you don't know this show, it's the kiddie version of MasterChef. (This is the Australian version.) Kids of different ages are the ones competing and cooking different things in this show. I am so inspired.  I don't even cook that much!  My sister cooks more than I do. (I'm more of an "eater" you see.  Haha!)

So, the kids were making different things like chocolate fondant (I will try to make this.) and lamb cutlets.  A girl even cooked rabbit.  I was felt sorry for that poor rabbit and my sister started smirking at me.  Sorry, I didn't know people eat rabbit.  Haha!

Right now, I really want to bake something chocolate.  I've never baked before. (WHAT?!) I've only cooked.  Haha.  And by cook I mean pasta, salpicao, fish fillet and all that.  I will try baking this time.

I shall try to bake tomorrow! 

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