February 28, 2013


Oh man, it's been so long since I've actually drawn something. I feel like I've forgotten how to draw! Feel free to laugh at this one though. I obviously don't draw animals very well. Haha! This is based on a rather interesting conversation I just had with my sister about imagining our dog in a beret and a French-themed outfit. Alas, here is the finished product. I personally am not a fan of dressing up dogs in real life...but illustrating them? Love it!

I also feel bad because I haven't been blogging lately. Yet, I'm just 4 followers away from 100! Thank you all for supporting Spaceship to Infinity and bearing with my extreme awkwardness. You all are amazing! *cyber hugs for you all*

These past few weeks have been very very busy for me. Just yesterday, I completed my classroom sessions for scuba diving! I absolutely can't wait for my checkout dive and to get certified. Hopefully, I'll get certified before my beach trip for this summer.

Also, I finally am a proud owner of a Minolta XG-E. Last Sunday, my family and I had an unplanned trip to Hidalgo, Quiapo, which is known for selling cameras: digital and film. We were able to get ourselves a deal with a Minolta, which came with 3 lenses! My sister and I decided to name it Kodie. Can't wait to have our first roll of film developed! 

So that's it on my end for now. Again, thank you so much for continuing to read this blog! It really means a lot! 


  1. its so cute <3

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  2. This is such a cute drawing! I love it! Good luck in reaching 100 followers!



  3. Hii!! Good luck at scuba diving sounds amazing!!!♥♥
    I adore your photoschot drawing and I have a dog too!! We dress him only in winter when it gets pretty cold. But I´m not very happy when I see dressed dogs aswell. .)

    LOVE♥♥ Sending u cyber hugs aswell** ^^

    xx BARBORA♥

  4. Such a cute drawing! I wanna try scuba diving too. :-) The three of us (you, Kayla & I) should have a film photo shoot together! And mind sharing some of your photos from you two's first film roll? :-D

  5. Wow, your amazing at drawing!! I nominated you for the liebster award http://thesatchelgirl.blogspot.co.uk/

  6. Hi Arielle, started "stalking" your blog. Great illustrations you got here!

    Diving is great! I am excited that you're getting a divers license soon, do blog about your experience. I am a diver too :D

    It was great meeting you at the #wanderrgirl meet up, hope we'll get together again soon :)

  7. Naw, that dog is a-dog-able! ^.^


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