February 5, 2013


Here's a little sneak peak at what I've been interested in lately: watercolor typography!

I've always loved reading quotes. They're one of the things that inspire me the most with art, especially those of Walt Disney. There's something very motivating about his words. 

I was feeling rather paint-y {yes, I do have terms for these moods} yesterday, and since I was having the day off from school, I decided to bring out my watercolors and test out my typography skills. It was fun getting to do something else with those paints. I even tried to paint the alphabet in Helvetica! {Ha ha ha} Definitely one of my new "in things" for this month!


  1. Watercolor is so pretty. You did such a good job, I would have been messing up left and right!

  2. Awesome! Do you write it in pencil first, or straight to watercolor?

    1. I actually went straight to watercolor for these! :)

  3. you are the definition of creative


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