August 8, 2012

Finally saw Brave!

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Last Friday, I finally saw the Pixar movie I have long awaited, Brave! I was extremely giddy in my seat as the trailers for the future films started rolling. {Oh the excitement, Arielle. Oh the excitement!}

Before they actually showed the movie, they played a short film called La Luna. It was absolutely adorable and the concept was genius! 

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La Luna is about a young boy named Bambino, who goes on a sailing trip with his father and grandfather. The way I interpreted it, the three are responsible for the phases of the moon each night. I absolutely loved it! I hope to see more of Bambino and his adventures one day.

But anyway, back to the real topic! Brave was amazing! Pixar did very well for their first fairy tale. The plot may have been simple, but the animation was fantastic! The animators did INCREDIBLY well with the scenery and the natural elements of the movie. {The scenes with water were marvelous!} I could related SO much with Merida, but I think Queen Elinor's character was the most interesting. It would have been nicer if we learned more about the queen. The scenes where she tries to understand Merida's point of view while she was a bear were simply touching! I also adored Merida's three younger brothers, who looked insanely adorable as bear cubs. {Sadly, the only name I remember out of the three brothers is Hamish. Haha!}

Aside from all the wonderful animation and artsy-ness in this movie, what inspired me the most is its different definition of the term brave. Being brave isn't just facing your fear or fighting for something you love physically. Being brave also means being able to say you're sorry and admitting what you've done wrong to the people involved in the process. 

This movie is truly a work of inspiration and you all should watch it while it's still in cinemas! 

I'm planning to watch it a second time with some of my friends from Camp Dream and I simply can't wait! Oh the happiness animated movies bring me! 

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  1. loved brave. it was so relatable. loved the cinematography. loved the music. loved the animation.


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