August 21, 2011

Wit beyond measure, is a man's greatest treasure!

Have any of you guys received your Pottermore Welcome emails?  I didn't know I received mine until I just logged on Pottermore for fun, and it actually let me start exploring!  I was thrilled! 

Overall, the experience was great, though it needed sound effects.  It was so quiet that I needed to play my own music to make the experience more enjoyable.  

The part where we visit Diagon Alley was so much fun!  I got to buy all my school supplies and books.  Most importantly, I was able to buy my own wand!  Oh the thrill of being chosen by the wand! 

I was also really excited for my sorting at Hogwarts!  After a series of questions, the Sorting Hat placed me in good old Ravenclaw!  (Just checked the Great Hall, Ravenclaw has the most students. Hahaha!)

I finished The Sorcerer's Stone yesterday, so there's not much to do except brew potions, challenge people to Wizard's Duels and wait for the Chamber of Secrets.  Please come faster!

Add me on Pottermore! 

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