August 3, 2011

Congratulations, you are magical!

Hello, fellow Potterheads!  So last June 24, JK Rowling lauched Pottemore, a brand new online reading experience based on the Harry Potter books.

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Registration would be officially open on October, but the site announced that we should visit Pottermore on July 31st to find out how we can register early!

I practically woke up early just to check Pottermore!  Besides that, it was also JK Rowling's and Harry Potter's birthday!  Hooray to our Queen and to the Boy Who Lived!

Anyway, I waited for a few hours until they announced on the Pottermore twitter account that they would be launching "The Magical Quill" challenge.  The Magical Quill is basically the quill that writes the name of each magical child in a book once they are born.

From July 31 to August 6, Pottermore will be posting clues from the Harry Potter books.  Solve the clue, and you will be taken to a website where the Magical Quill will be revealed.  When you find the Magical Quill, you will be taken back to the Pottermore homepage where you can register early!

I quickly brought out my Sorcerer's Stone book, since the clue on July 31 was from the first book.  The clue was released at a little after than 8 AM in UK time, so that would be around 4 PM here in the Philippines.

When the clue was FINALLY revealed, I quickly grabbed my book and started scanning the chapter where Hagrid first brought Harry to Diagon Alley because the clue was:

How many owls are featured on the sign of the Eyelops Owl Emporium? Multiply this number by 49.

I hurriedly typed my answer at the end of and hit Enter.  I was then led to Sony USA where I had to 'catch' the Magical Quill, and lucky enough, I caught it!  My hands couldn't stop shaking after I was taken back to the Pottermore homepage with a link that said "Register now"!

So I registerd for Pottermore and chose the username SkyScale183.  JK Rowling called me magical!  Yay!

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! (That was me screaming!)

I received my confirmation email the day after and I couldn't stop freaking out because I will be one of the million who get to 'shape the experience' before the site opens to all in October!

Oh how I can't until I get my Welcome email!  I will check every single day.  Can't wait to 'shape the experience'!

If you guys already registered for Pottermore, comment your usernames! See ya on Pottermore!

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