August 10, 2011


Albus Dumbledore: After all this time, Severus?
Severus Snape: Always.

Okay, so I am currently on a Severus/Lily phase right now.  Their story is just so sad!  Ugh.  Well if Severus didn't care so much about his reputation, he and Lily would be perfect.  Boo. /thumbs down

Please do not steal. Thank you! c:

Lol, I drew this the other day.  Please excuse my coloring skillz.  I am still practicing.  Severus just looks...awkward.  Though I am quite pleased with how Lily and James turned out.

While drawing this, Breakeven by The Script came up on my iTunes shuffle.  That song was just perfect for the Severus's situation!  Ugh, my heart.  It shattered.

Severus Snape, James Potter & Lily Evans (c) JK Rowling
Artwork (c) Arielle Guevara

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