February 12, 2011

Savvy by Ingrid Law

My rating: ★★★★★

Mibs Beaumont can't wait to turn thirteen, the age when  all Beaumonts discover their supernatural power - their savvy.  But when Poppa is hurt in a terrible accident, Mibs needs more than just her savvy.  It will take new friends, a strong family and an extraordinary adventure to set things right.

What I Like:
The story is easy to relate to.  I also love the relationship Mibs has with her family.  They practically help each other in everything!  What I like the most is that the book encourages us to find our own savvy - the one quality that is unique about us! 

What I Don't Like:
There's nothing not to like about this book!  It's a very encouraging and inspiring book, and I love everything about it! 

My Comments:
After I read the last sentence of this book, it got me thinking.  What's my savvy?  It'll probably be my art or my hyperness.  How about you?  What's your savvy?

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