February 24, 2011

Let's Get Random!

Oh how I miss my dear Junior Total Girl team!  I miss...

  • Czarina, our Junior Editor-in-Chief
  • Sel, our Junior Managing Editor
  • Hannah, our Junior Art Director
  • Ana, our Junior Fashion and Beauty Editor
I miss them like crazy!  We haven't had a group reunion ever since.  It was always Hannah and I who got to meet.  (The perks of being home schooled, haha!)

In this year's February issue of Total Girl magazine, the search for the Junior TG Team pages are back.  I can't wait for summer so I can meet Batch 2 of the Junior TG Team 2011! 

Here's a sample of of a picture
done from Poladroid. Isn't it cool?

So anyway, I downloaded this really cool app for my laptop.  It's called Poladroid.  You drag your pictures to the camera, and out comes a Polaroid version of it! (Though the Polaroid picture of the Junior TG Team Batch 2 above was done on Photoshop) I think this app is genius.  Hihi!

Oh! And do you notice that I have a new blog banner/header?  Haha.  I finally found out how to use the clipping mask tool in Photoshop!  Hooray!  *dances*

Speaking of dancing,  my current fave movies are Step Up 2 & 3.  Moose (played by Adam G. Sevani) is so awesome!  I want a best friend like Moose one day.  One that will dress up as Ashley Olsen while I dress up as Mary-Kate.  Heehee! (Fangirl, much?)
 Meanwhile on Tumblr, I am reblogging Disney stuff.  Oh how I miss the old Disney films!  (Especially The Little Mermaid, no surprise there.  LOL) I also miss the good Disney shows like Phil of the Future and Lizzie McGuire.  Shows that didn't have anything related to boyfriends, kissing and stuff like that. *sigh* Bring the old Disney back!  

This has been a really random post! (And a very long one, if I say so myself. Haha!) To the next trip of randomness!

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