September 24, 2013

Days 17 - 23: Catching Up Part 2

Part 2 of the Catching Up drawing haul! *yipee di doo daaaa*

Day 17: The most awful, mean, evil character you know // Hannibal Lecter is a freaking snake who likes to bite at innocent people who have done him no harm. Ugh. I want to feed him to the cannibals so he can get a taste of his own medicine. 

Day 18: An animal character you like // Oh what I would give to have a pet like Naga. I've always wanted a big pet dog, a big fluffy one. However, my dad doesn't seem to share this liking in them. Nevertheless, Naga will always be one of my favorite pets in the Korra world. Who doesn't want a big polar bear dog?!

Day 19: A sci-fi character you like // Originally, I was supposed to go all Doctor Who on this, but then I thought, "Wait a second, what really got me into sci-fi in the first place?!" The answer to that is very simple my friends: Star Wars. I remember watching the original trilogy with my dad and pointing out how much I liked R2-D2. I even remember having walkie talkies of R2 and C-3PO! Oh the good old days!

Day 20: A fantasy character you like // I remember going through a phase where I was obsessed with fairies. Practically obsessed. I love Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. I also like the separate universe Disney has made for her and the rest of the fairies! I loved meeting her back in 2009 at Disney World! Definitely one of my most beloved fantasy characters. 

Day 21: A paranormal character you like // I'm not big on horror stuff, but my favorite paranormal characters (if you can consider them paranormal) are without a doubt the Weeping Angels. Nothing gets creepier than statues ready to attack you the second you blink. Oh the joy. 

Day 22: The best singer // I had a rather difficult time with this one, but I decided to go with Elphaba from Wicked. Wicked is one of my absolute favorite broadway musicals and I was really blessed to get to watch it last year in Singapore! I am soooo blessed yet again because we'll be watching it a second time next year when the production comes to Manila! So excited!

Day 23: The best dancer // I couldn't take this drawing seriously cause the first thing that came to my mind was Troy Bolton dancing on the golf course in High School Musical 2. Thus, a lame doodle. I literally couldn't stop laughing every time this image came to mind.


  1. Ohh arielle, your posts are sooo cute :) Love you personality and so glad we are friends :) And I LOVE ELPHABA too though I can NEVER hit those high notes *eek* xoxo

  2. HAHAH TROY BOLTON. =))) Awesome drawings, Arielle! :D

  3. Sketches are the best.

  4. R2-D2! Aside from walkie talkies, I remember my brother & I had tumblers of them a well!

    And oh. Troy Bolton. That is definitely one of his funniest scenes!


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