September 24, 2013

Days 11-16: Catching Up Part 1

Part 1 of my extreme drawing haul! I'm so sorry the challenge took a really really really long break. It's just been really busy for me lately that I haven't had the time to open up Photoshop and actually do a drawing! I decided to catch up with some traditional drawings instead. It was great making actual drawings again on paper, as I've only been able to make sketches lately. Anyway, let's get to the characters!

Day 11: A character who taught you something about love // I decided to draw Rosalind from The Penderwicks series. I haven't met a lot of people who have read the books, but I highly recommend them! I chose Rosalind for this day because there's something really special about the love of an older sister. Being an older sister or "ate" (what we call our older sisters here in the Philippines) myself, I related to her character so much. To all the older sisters out there, let us join hands and stand strong because nothing beats our love.

Day 12: A character with the best quotes // Who else has the best quotes other than Dumbledore himself? An inspiring one, that old man. I love absolutely everything he says. I don't have to explain even furthur.

Day 13: A boring character // As much as I love tales of princesses and fairies, Snow White bored me to death. All she did was clean the dwarves' house, eat the poisonous apple, and wait for the prince to kiss her. Sorry, but we need more of the Mulan type of princess nowadays! Girl power!

Day 14: A character you wished was never introduced // There are days when I wish MJ Watson was out of the picture and that Gwen Watson would forever stay in Peter Parker's life. Please don't think of me as a super Spiderman nerd because I'm really not. My judgement is only based on the films.

Day 15: The smartest character // Sherlock freaking Holmes. I just want to take his brain and study how he comes up with his deductions. He's just too intelligent. (Plus he plays the violin which gives him more points in the intelligence category!)

Day 16: The dumbest character // Spongebob Squarepants was pretty much my childhood. I still wonder what a Krabby Patty tastes like until now, or how they can simply have bonfires in Bikini Bottom. But guys, you have to admit that Patrick is possibly the most stupid cartoon character in the history of the cartoons of our generation. Haha!

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  1. Love the sketches! Much love for Dumbledore <3 <3 And I agree about Snow White! Mulan is definitely my favourite princess. :D


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