June 12, 2013

Team Tardis

(Left to right: Eleven, Amy, Rory, River)

I know I haven't been posting any drawings here in a while, but never mind that! I really do miss blogging very dearly, and I am trying to remind myself to come up with new posts more often.

Anywho, here are some sketches that came from my personal journal. {Hence the lines} If you're an insane Whovian/Wholigan like me, you'll probably recognize them right away. Aw yeah, Team Tardis! So we've got an attempt of the Eleventh Doctor for the first sketch. I honestly laughed when I finished this. Matt Smith is pretty hard to capture. Then we have Amelia Pond or better known as Amy. I draw her quite a lot especially in her big red hoodie. Next we have Rory Williams, also known as The Last Centurion or Stupidface according to Amy. Rory's one of my favorite DW characters because man, insane character development I'm telling you! Lastly, we have the ever so fabulous River Song with her poofy hair. I find her sassy character so adorable and I think she is one of my potential candidates for a Halloween costume. {Yes, it's only June and I'm already planning my Halloween costume. I have been since the beginning of the year.... Shows how much I love costumes!}

So yeah, basically most of the things I've been drawing are all Doctor Who fan art because it was just announced that Matt Smith would be leaving the show soon. Cue the tears please! Eleven is my favorite doctor ever because he just appreciates every little thing he notices. Going to miss him so much!

So far, I only have 4 friends who actually watch the series...so if you do, LET US BE BEST FRIENDS. That is all for now. 


  1. Oh my gosh, amazing! I love dr who too. My favorite doctor was david tennant, but I'm curious to see what the next doctor will be like.
    Have a grear day!

  2. Eleven is amazing--he's my doctor, forever and always. The best one, I daresay. I'm going to miss him so much and though I won't hate on Twelve for not being him (like so many Ten fans did on Eleven for not being Ten, ugh) it's going to be really hard. In any case, I'm excited for the 50th and the Christmas special.

    I love your drawing style! It's adorable, and makes me want to try my hand at drawing the DW cast. *goes off in search of link to your tumblr because I don't remember the URL and want to see more of your art*

    xo | ani

  3. Wow! I just absolutey LOVE your style of drawing :-)
    Oh, How I wish I could draw...
    Anyways have a great day :-)
    Alex XOXOX

  4. Woohooo Doctor Who. Definitely my favourite show! I used to think I was the only one who watched the show (along with my siblings) but it looks like I'm not alone! Eleven will always be my doctor and I'm starting to have worries on what Twelve will be like because 3 seasons really aren't enough for Eleven. Seriously going to miss Matt Smith as The Doctor though but I'm really looking forward to the 50th with Tennant and Rose there too! I guess we'll just have to trust Moffat. hehe

    I think I've said to much above but your drawings are AMAZING! Your style is definitely unique and not to mention, really adorbs! I love it! :)

    -Julia :)

  5. You're a Doctor Who fan? There's going to be a fan club meeting/party/nerd shindig in November to celebrate the 50th anniversary; you should go! I'll try to find the exact details for you. ;)

    - Victoria


    1. NO WAY. Here in the Philippines??? I'd very very much appreciate the deets!! Thank you, Victoria!

  6. Really cute sketches!! I just read today on tumblr that BBC are planning on showing the 50th anniversary special at the same time all over the world... which I think will be so much fun!

    I know how you feel about Matt Smith being difficult to capture - he has a very unique face!


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