June 3, 2013

S2I ad swap announcementz {Yep, with a Z}

I have been getting quite a handful of emails from those of you who would want to ad swap with me, and don't get me wrong, I love it! I'm more than willing to help you guys gain more readership.

However, I think I'm going to be very picky with those I want to ad swap with right now. 

Most of you don't exactly fall into the same "blog category" as me, but if I like your blog and we somewhat have the same content, then good job! You might just land a spot over here! I think I'll most likely be doing that from now on. 

Oh, and if ever you guys change your blog urls or something, please do tell me so there isn't any wasted space on my blog. Hehe. Thanks!

Also, I'm somewhat going to be resetting the ads over here, so a new group of people can get some blog exposure. Hooray for blog friends, yay! Shoot me an email at contact.spaceshiptoinfinity@yahoo.com if you want your blog button to be on Spaceship to Infinity!

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