October 8, 2012

Moodboard Mondays: Flying Times

I can't believe it's already the second week of October! Time flies SO fast! I always make it a point to be positive and enjoy every bit of learning I get. What's the point of being sad, depressed, and unkind to others. 

This month, I just got back to watercolor painting. I haven't been painting in YEARS, and it's so good to return to the hobby. I fell in love with these swatches I found online. My favorite part of watercolor painting is being able to change each shade of color by just simply adding water. Planning to take painting seriously again. I'm also planning to make my own watercolor chart! 

Speaking of colors, my favorite colors for October are those up above. Orange, yellow, brown, and other fall related colors. Thus, getting started on that rucksack. I have this obsession with rucksacks and backpacks. I fell in love with this completely. The style of the bag is just perfect, and not to mention the colors! Oh October, how much inspiration you bring to me. 


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  1. Try going to colourlovers.com! They have really good color combos :)


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