March 5, 2012


I've always loved travelling.  I may not have been to every country in the world, but I love going to new places and learning new things.  Thus, wanderlust (a strong desire to travel) has been one of my favorite words.

Whilst scrolling through some posts on Tumblr, I came across this GIF which I instantly reblogged:

If you could pack up right now and leave, where would you go?  This question just intrigued me.  Where in the world would I go?  What countries would I want to visit?  Oh dear,  there would be just too many.  Why don't I just pick my top 5 countries I'd gladly "leave on a jetplane" to visit?

#1 - London, England

My love for England first blossomed when I watched the first Narnia film when I was around 7-years-old.  This love for England grew even more when I started reading Harry Potter and listening to Adele & One Direction.  In History class, my favorite lessons were about the rulers of England.  (My favorites were Mary Tudor and Elizabeth I)  I also love the gothic architecture of some of the famous landmarks of England such as the Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. I'd definitely love to spend a day in the lovely city of London, in a cafe, drinking a cup of tea with my nose stuck in a book.

#2 - Paris, France

"Ah, Paris, France.  Home of the finest restaurants and the greatest chefs in the world..." Excuse my little Ratatouille moment there, but that is exactly the reason why I'd love to travel to this beautiful city with my younger sister one day.  My sister wants to become a chef, you see.  So when we're older, we're going to travel to Paris together, eat the finest food and feel like Julia Child for a day.  I would also love to visit the Musée du Louvre and have a glimpse of the famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. (Not to mention, visit Disneyland Paris!  It's my goal to visit all the Disney parks in the world)

#3 - Florence, Italy

Florence, the city where a lot of the great Renaissance artists had their start.  I loved learning about the Medicis who influenced the city in so many ways. To go to the art museums in Florence are a must in my 'Art Bucketlist'.  I'd also love to ride a gondola through Florence.

#4 - Tokyo, Japan

I absolutely cannot wait until the day when I can go to Tokyo, Japan!  I loooooove eating Japanese food. (I started eating sashimi & sushi when I was pretty young)  I  am a sucker for cute Japanese stationery products.  I'd love to go to the Studio Ghibli museum and go nutz over Hayao Miyazaki's fantastic characters. (Chihiro/Sen from Spirited Away is my absolute favorite!) I'd also love to go gadget shopping here. Teehee!  My inner geek will definitely show here.

#5 - New York City, USA

What wouldn't I give to go to New York City?!  It has always been my dream to watch a Broadway musical and even perform in one!  I'd love to take my camera and just take photos of the incredible skyscrapers and all the lights.  Let's hear it for New York!

So those are my top 5 countries I'd love to visit one day!  How about you?  If you could pack up right now and leave, where would you go?

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  1. We have almost exactly the same Top 5 Places To Go To list! Only, I want to go to Greece too, leaving New York in 6th place. Haha! We should go to England together!

    1. We must go on an 'art trip' one day. We shall visit all the famous art museums all across the world!

  2. My top cities would be Venice, Paris, and London . . . in that order. But hey, I'd go anywhere. :) Would love to go to Greece like Hannah . . .


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