March 18, 2012

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

My Rating: ★★★★

The story follows 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen,   from the country of Panem (the post-apocalyptic North America), who volunteers as a tribute for District 12 in the 74th Hunger Games in place of her younger sister.  The Hunger Games are an annual event in which one boy and one girl from each of the 12 surrounding the Capitol are selected to compete in a televised battle where only one person can survive.

What I Like:
The story was extremely action packed that I couldn't put the book down!  The games were very exciting and I found the characters very interesting as well.  Cinna was probably my favorite character.

What I Don't Like:
Don't get me wrong, I love Katniss and Peeta.  But I personally think they went a little overboard with all the kissing and...yeah.  *insert straight face here*

My Comments:
I'm actually reading the second book in the trilogy, Catching Fire.  I cannot wait for the movie!  If they mess it up, I don't know what to do anymore.  I hope it'll be awesome!

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