January 20, 2012

One Short Day in the Emerald City

Greetings, fellow Ozians!  Last January 11th, my family and I travelled to Singapore to watch the much loved Broadway musical, Wicked, at the Marina Bay Sands.

Being a lover of musicals, I was very very very excited.  You cannot imagine how I freaked out big time when my parents said we would be watching.

The production was marvelous.  The sets were perfect, the lighting was amazing and the costumes were utterly beautiful!  The actors, oh my goodness, they aren't even human!  I was squirming in my seat as Elphaba was performing Defying Gravity.  It's a truly different experience when you watch the real production right in front of your eyes.  I can die happy now. 


Hello there, fellow astronauts! Thank you for stopping by! You are all very amazing. Your comments and messages are all welcome here. Hope you all have a good space-trip! :-)