September 13, 2011

I met Maria Aragon!

Last September 4, I was in Megamall, heading to a Vietnamese restaurant, while waiting for the rain, outside, to stop.  I noticed people gathering around the center.  (This always happens in Megamall, by the way.) "That's just probably some celebrity I don't know," I told myself.  I decided to check who it was.

HOLY SHMOW, I saw a huge sign saying "Maria Aragon", and there she was, signing autographs!  I practically had to force my mom to come with me downstairs so I could line up, have her autograph and take a picture with her.  I ran through the crowd, (even though my shoes were killing me) bought a cd and lined up. 

She was adorable!  Her album is great!  I love the studio version of Born This Way.

Still starstruck.

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