September 18, 2011

Forever and Always

Meet my best friend, Sam.  We've been friends since like, forever.  I love her very very much.

We do the craziest things together.  She's the straw to my berry and the apple to my pie.  She's my Lilo and I'm her Stitch.  She's my Justin and I'm her Jaden.

We think crazily alike, too!  Sam and I think the exact same things at the exact same time.  It's like our minds are linked together!  You know what they say, "Great minds think alike."

I'm really glad I have someone like Sam in my life.  She's always there for me as I'm always there for her.  She's always willing to listen to my pointless, everyday ramblings no matter what.  I love her for that.  She's my partner-in-crime, the twin sister I never had, and my bestfriend. Love you, Sam!

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