May 2, 2014

Oh, hi.

Yeah, I'm alive. Hello, again!

So, Arielle, why haven't you blogged in so long?

Well, let's just say for the past 3 months, I didn't feel like anything was worth posting on my blog. Sure, exciting things did happen, but I didn't feel confident enough to go and write about them. I had big plans for the blog, but then put them off cause they just weren't working out. I had great ideas ready to be published, but as I started writing them, they were just feeling a bit off. 

I have to say, it was the new JacksGap video (shamelessly plugging my favorite Youtuber on my blog) that inspired me to return to Spaceship to Infinity. Just like me, Jack and Finn Harries have also been on quite the hiatus, and they have finally returned to the Youtube scene a few days ago. Jack mentioned at the end of the video to go ahead and cast aside all those worries, and just post.

The video really made me think about Spaceship to Infinity and why I really started it in the first place: to tell stories. I started this blog to share my thoughts and passions with all of you internet folk. I started Spaceship to Infinity to hopefully inspire other people my age to go after what they're most passionate about.

So here I am, retracing my steps back to the beginning, but for a good reason. Here I am bringing back my Spaceship to Infinity.

On another note, big big plans are ahead for this blog that you have been visiting. As much as I'd like to share them with you all, you'll just have to wait and see. Expect more art, of course, and that Q+A video that I have put on hold. Oh well, you'll all see these great things soon! But in the mean time, enjoy this post! (ha ha haha ha)

P.S. I'm up for any collabs, guest posts, or art trades! Email me at! Let's do some projects together! 


  1. welcome back arielle!! i am a huge fan of you and your blog. i was wondering what do you look for or what do I need to do an art trade with you???
    warm hugs!!


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