November 11, 2013

25 Facts About Me: The First Vlog!

Because this blog has been on another really long nap, I'm making up for all the posts that could have been with Spaceship to Infinity's first ever vlog! 

I've been thinking about making videos for a while now and I've always been inspired by all the Youtubers out there, except, I've always felt awkward talking to a camera. (Not that I don't love the camera, I love cameras!)

I went through a really long entire process with deciding what video would be a good "first video," if you guys get what I'm saying. I decided to stick with the 25 Facts About Me because I wanted to let you guys know me more! 

But anyway, I won't spoil much of the video. Just click play, and watch me ramble with extreme awkwardness! Haha! 

In all seriousness, if you guys have any suggestions for videos for me to do, please do comment below! I'd love to hear all your input! Also, don't forget to subscribe to Spaceship to Infinity on Youtube! See you guys over at the youtube universe!


  1. Hi Ariel! Wow... we have a lot in common! I'm a year younger than you, I love singing, and I LOVE Wicked! I am also really short for my age haha. Here are a few questions for a second video!
    Where do you live? I live in Arizona.
    Why did you start blogging?
    Do you have any pets?

    Also, some drawing tutorials would be great videos!

  2. Heeey Arielle!!!
    I have literally been reading your blog FOREVA and it was sooo awesome to finally 'meet' you!
    I am like OBSESSED with Japanese food too!
    Like, it all.
    You are soooooo great at singing!
    Like really great!
    I am also pretty short for my age!
    Im almost 12 and a 7 year old is taller than me!
    It is very awkward..
    Well anyways!
    Have a wonderful day and am subscribing RIGHT now!
    Alex XOXO

  3. Ahhh Arielle, your vlog is so entertaining! Please do more soon hehe :)

  4. Finally! I've been waititng for you to do a vlog and now here it is!
    Your vlog is very entertaining and fun to watch plus you're so CUTE!
    Especially in the part where you tell your fears on spiders! You're really cute in that part!
    I also love the part where you sang! You're voice is amazing!
    I can't wait for your next vlogs! :)

    lovelove xx

  5. Aww omg you're such a cutie!!!!!!! AHHH YOU SHOULD MAKE MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS PLS
    and i thought i was the only one spiders could jump ok wahehehe bye mwah x

  6. You're like a girl version of the Harries twins omfg
    You're seriously so cute and you sings so well! Your voice is such ear candy and this just made me love you even more! x

  7. I've been thinking of making videos too, but I'm extremely un-photogenic and awkward so vlogging is probably not going to be a thing for me LOL. But, anyway, AAAHH seeing this post made me miss you so much more! When I visit again, we seriously need to go the mall again to draw and squeal over cute stationery. Haha! c:

  8. You have a really nice singing voice! AND OHMYGOSH I LOVE WARHEADS TOO OKAY! THE EXTREME SOUR ONES!! I agree, what happened to all the good shows like as told by ginger? Suite life of Zack and Cody?


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