September 26, 2012

#Blogworthy: An Artsy Kid's Point of View

"Kuya, dito ba yung co.lab?" I remember asking the guard after finding the "big, orange warehouse-type building," as Ate Arriane described it. Yup, I was attending Blogworthy {With my mom as my classmate. Hi mom!}, a blogging workshop by Arriane Serafico {who is one of the coolest people I've met} of! It's aimed to help creative individuals to find their personal brand and build a successful & unique blog from there!

I first heard of Blogworthy through my good friend, Nina, who joined the first batch of students last summer. I was really interested with all the activities they did, and wished that they would do a second run. You cannot imagine how excited I was when my mom told me there was going to be a second workshop and how giddy I was when I signed up!

Anyway, back to topic. Our workshop was held at co.lab xchange, and can I just say how MUCH I want to live there? It was so pretty and colorful and full of other pretty things. Hooray for orange walls! Hooray for pretty chairs and tables! HOORAY FOR CO.LAB!

The entire class had around 11 people, all awaiting to learn something new. Did I mention I was the youngest in the class? (Hehe young blogger hehe)

Hello, workspace! Why yes,  I do decorate my laptop with stickers.
We were all greeted by lovely loot pails with lots of goodies! {Yay!} A big big big thank you to Celebrations Party Central, Hey Kessy, Pinkerton Ice Cream {their cake batter ice cream is a must-try!}, BC Fragrance, Hodge Podge, Designs of Artisan, and Punchdrunk Panda! *happy dance*

{click to enlarge}
For the day, Ate Arriane talked to us about personal branding and the more left-brainer side of blogging. She taught us how to discover who we are and how to make the most out of what we aspire to be. We were given some worksheets to look at what we're good at. {Most of my answers revolved around art. No surprise there! Haha!} Ate Arriane also taught us how to find our blogging voice and how to use it to stand out from all the other bloggers in the internet world. Like what our keychain from Hodge Podge says, "Your blog is your message to the world. Make it a good one." I learned SO much!

Next week's class is going to be pretty exciting. We're going to have a whole morning on Photoshop {woohoo!} and a mini-photoshoot. I wonder what props I'm going to bring that help represent myself. I better look at my artsy kit. So hyped!

P.S. I promise to be my chatty self next week. We were soooooooooooo quiet. Going to make the most out of that last day!


  1. That sounds amazing! Wish I could've been there. :D

  2. Haha! I was thinking of doing the same thing, drawing for the blog post. I haven't been able to give it time this entire week though, procrastinating now haha. I should learn from you. Great job Arielle. :)


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